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Jerry Johnson, Turley Mill

Turley’s Mill is a distillery and mill site located on the Rio Hondo above Arroyo Hondo NM in operation mid nineteenth century. On the night of January 19, 1847 Mexicans and Pueblo Indians in Taos and other communities in the area revolted. The angry mob killed all Americans that they could lay hands on in Taos, and then marched out to Turley’s Mill at Arroyo Hondo. The subject matter is an intimate representation of a section of the river in shaded gray and white flowing between the deep brown, orange, flecked with black, forms of the bank of the river.

Jerry Johnson
Dates in Taos: 1969-1972
Turley Mill, 2007
oil pastel on paper
20 1/8" H x 28 1/2' W
Gift of Gus Foster