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Brian Anderson, Spoon

The work of a master craftsman, the mouth of this forged iron spoon is a long oval shape. The handle has an original indigenous design, referencing ancient cultures and times. The tip of the spoon’s handle is a raven’s head. The metal is a deep gray.

Brian Anderson
Born in Minnesota in 1938. College was a bust for Brian Anderson and he ended up in New Mexico. “When I got to Santa Fe it felt like home and I stayed,” Anderson said. He ended up there for close to 50 years, including getting married, raising a family, and then getting divorced. The one constant during those years was making things by hand. Anderson earned a reputation for making high-quality hardware and artwork throughout the area. Anderson remarried in 2006 to Lausanne Allen. They both currently live and work in Vermont.
Spoon, c. 1998
forged iron
5/16"H x 6 3/8" W x 1 11/16" D
Gift of Gus Foster