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E. Martin Hennings, Chamisa in Bloom

The Chamisa is a shrub-like plant that is native to western North America. In this painting you can see the Chamisa tipped with yellow blooms, looking up into the plant from the viewpoint of a small animal, like a rabbit. The Chamisa is arranged so the largest and fullest plant is on the left and the smallest of the Chamisa is on the right, drawing your eye across the canvas. To bring your eye upwards there is another platform with reddish bulbs on the ends of its thin branches that is arranged so the highest reaching branches are on the right to draw your eyes up and then back to the left. This second plant also brings your attention to the silhouette of the mountain range in the background, only a shade darker than the beautiful blue sky. - Maranda Nieman

E. Martin Hennings
Chamisa in Bloom, c. 1920
Oil painting
Overall: 30 x 36 1/4 in. (76.2 x 92 cm)
Gift of the Estate of Mary Mingenback