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Oscar E. Berninghaus, Santiago, the War Chief

Santiago the war chief stands in the right half of the painting facing a wooden post that splits the composition into two uneven halves, The right half contains only Santiago painted realistically with tight brushwork, wrapped in a native covering and looking off into the distance to the left of the canvas. He leans on a wooden walking stick, seeming to be at peace. The right side of the canvas to the wooden post shows two more Indians, one on a horse with their back to you and the other figure facing you but the details are lost. The focus remains on Santiago, painted with great detail. The background is composed of impressionistic brushwork, creating the forms of hills and mountains in the distance through simplified brushwork and blocks of color. - Maranda Nieman

Oscar E. Berninghaus
Santiago, the War Chief, c.1930
Oil painting
Overall: 30 x 34 1/16 in. (76.2 x 86.5 cm)
Gift of Mrs. Oscar E. Berninghaus